Interested in a free workshop for Virtual Programming in Minecraft

Are you interested in our courses, but hesitant to order and would you like to know how everything works and what your children will learn first? Sign up for a free workshop where we will be happy to show you and your children everything and answer all your questions! Workshops run every even-numbered week, please select your preferred date below.

Workshop agenda (50 minutes in total):

  • BRIDGE Academy's vision for technical education - "from Minecraft to artificial intelligence (AI) programming, the Internet of Things (IoT) and working with hydrogen technologies" (15 minutes)
  • Virtual courses format - what we are focusing on this half term, what the kids will learn, how the courses work (Discord + Minecraft for short) and traditional clubs in your schools hopefully from October 2021 (20 minutes)
  • Q&A - (15 minutes)

We look forward to seeing you! :-)

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