We are currently looking for more great colleagues to join our team. Take a look at the listings below and let us know if any interest you.


We're a team

Just as we try to pass on our experience and know-how in the courses and instil teamwork in the children, we also assume that we are a team. Therefore, we communicate with each other very regularly in order to share new knowledge, working methods or pedagogical approaches, so that we can all improve our skills on a permanent basis.


Space for growth

We also give our mentors space for advanced development, and they are actively involved in individual activities, whether developing instructions, creating new products and courses, or mentoring children themselves.
We are open to training through courses and improving the skills of all our associates.



We are open to new ideas, new tools, new motivational values and, above all, we are open to ourselves. Our goal for the future is to offer new courses, and to achieve this we involve our employees as much as possible, any idea is useful!



Our work is varied and flexible in terms of the complexity of individual tasks. We give space to everyone, regardless of their job title. Every good idea and its subsequent implementation is welcome.

Current positions

Overview of currently available positions:

Do you enjoy working with children and are you interested in information systems and computing in general? If so, we would love to welcome you to our team!

Does Minecraft, Roblox or programming mean anything to you? If so, have you ever imagined that you could get paid in connection with Minecraft or Roblox? We'll give you that opportunity!

We are looking for a part-time regional manager, in charge of 

Didn't find an offer that was corresponding for you, but you still want to join us? Let us know!

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