How it works

Bridge Academy Membership is a form of thanking all our clients - parents and children - for their trust in our educational programs. In BA benefits, you earn points that can be redeemed for discounts on clubs for your little ones.

1 point = 1 Kč

What I can earn points for


Create an account on our portal to become a member of the BRIDGE Academy Club and earn 150 points.


Sign up for the newsletter and get an additional 50 points.


Refer us to your friends and get 150 points for each of them.

How to redeem the points

When buying online - you choose the quantity you want to redeem and you automatically get a discount. 1 point = 1 CZK/Kč discount on your purchase!

Points for newsletter registration will only be added after you click on the link in the confirmation email called "Newsletter Confirmation" (see image below). Please find the email in your inbox and confirm your subscription.

It is very easy to recommend BRIDGE Academy courses to your friends. After logging into your account, click on the My Points & Rewards tab and then My Recommendations.

Then share the "Recommendation Link" with your friends - copy the link and send it e.g. via email or Messenger/WhatsApp/Skype etc... Once your friends have purchased and paid for the courses or camps, you will earn points to use on future purchases.

There is no limit to the number of recommendations. So you can recommend our courses and camps to an unlimited number of your friends and earn points to cover the total price of your order.

You can redeem points in two ways:

1. In the shopping cart

Go to the shopping cart. In the Summary section, under the Finish Order button, you will find a section called Spend your points.

Using the slider, or by filling in the points in the "Consume" field, will update your order total. Another way is by checking the "Get maximum discount for my points" option to use all the points you have available.

2. When you complete your order

In case you want to redeem your points when you complete your order, select the "Use your points" option on the bottom left and then you can specify the number as in the first case.

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