Online Programming in Roblox


Online programming in Roblox

Do you like Roblox and would you like to create your own game to play with your friends? This club is for you! You'll learn how to create maps, program in Lua, publish your game to the Roblox store and much more!

What will you learn?

  • Work in Roblox Studio
  • Create custom objects in Roblox
  • Program game mechanisms in Lua
  • Publish games to Roblox servers

Who is the course for?

  • The club is designed for children from 10 years old. A previous experience from Minecraft courses is an advantage.

What do children need to sign in?

How will we communicate with the children?

  • We will use the Discord platform to communicate with the children - link. All information about installation and setup can be found here.
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