About us


We first started the Minecraft Programming Clubs in 2018 at selected schools in Most. We went into it as a bunch of enthusiasts involved in the BRIDGE Academy association with the goal of promoting technology education for our kids and their friends. We were inspired by the Nvias association from Pilsen, which opened similar clubs in 2017.

Since we registered a lot of interest during 2019-2020 and had almost 150 children registered in the circles in 3 different cities and up to 4 tours of suburban camps over the summer, we decided to start offering our education all over the country!

Despite the spring 2020 COVID-19 situation, we have continued our preparations intensively with the aim of starting up to 50 clubs in schools across the country where there is interest from October 2020. In order to be ready to offer courses to our pupils even in case of school closures or to children from anywhere in the Czech Republic, we have prepared Virtual Programming in Minecraft.

At the turn of 2020 - 2021, our team has expanded, both with new tutors and new clubs, namely an online version of Programming in Minecraft and online Build your Own Game in Roblox. It was also an opportunity for us to launch an English pilot of Online Programming in Minecraft proposed to different European countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria and Slovakia!

We are planning other innovations aimed not only at children but also at primary school teachers. Specifically, we want to encourage them to use modern technologies in teaching, specifically the possibilities of the EDUCATION version of Minecraft and to get closer to today's times and children in a game form.

Another activity that we have prepared together with our partner Nvias are project days supported by the Ministry of Education and Science called Young Creators of the Future, in which we offer free project days Our Companies (for pupils from 8th to 9th grades of primary schools) and Virtual Prototyping in Minecraft (weekend events for pupils from 1st grade to 2nd grade of primary school) in the Pilsen and Ústí nad Labem regions.

If you would like one of the project days at your school, please contact us!

Our vision for after-school education is:

  • Giving children the space to express themselves
  • Using new methods of learning
  • Developing and supporting children's own initiative to take an active role in their learning
  • Involving children and their ideas in creative outputs

Contact details

  • Company Name: Bridge Academy CZ s.r.o.
  • IČO: 09463003
  • Adress: U Stadionu 714/30, 434 01 Most
  • Phone contact: (+42)0 724 581 938
  • Email: info@bridgeacademy.eu
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